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Scott Presler Turning Louisiana Red, By Mark Naughton

[New Orleans, L.A.] On June 19, conservative activist, and face of Early Vote Action Scott Presler completes his grass-roots campaign after several days of training volunteers, meetingswith the L.A. GOP and registering voters.


“I’m doing this to save America” Scott said as he left his final L.A. stop, a training class for volunteer voter registers at a regional Americans For Prosperity office in Baton Rouge, in what Scott said was the hottest office in America after their air conditioner conceded to the triple digit heat.


In L.A. Scott was welcomed and supported by the state’s GOP chairman Louis Gervich who met and with Scott many times during his visit.


When asked about Scott’s plan of voting early and legal ballot harvesting chairman Gervich said, “It’s not as if we have a choice, we have to adapt ourselves to the political landscape.”


On June 17 in Kenner L.A., Scott and a team of volunteers were invited to the Great Southern Gun and Knife Show by the show’s organizer Shawn Bean, where Scott was given a table to register voters, Scott’s team was able to register fourteen new voters including a voter who abandoned the Democratic party and reregistered as a Republican.


While at the gun show, chairman Gervich said, “it’s a day of action, we’re registering republicans at the gun show, Scott is one of the foremost experts in the United States on registration, he’s doing everything right, he’s getting us ready for the coming elections.”


“I’m ecstatic with today’s results,” Scott said at the end of the gun show.


Gervich said that he estimates that following current voter registration trends and the formula laid out by Scott, by the end of 2024, the state of Louisiana could shift from a majority voter blue state to a true red state.  

At a lunch-in with local women GOP organizers, Stephanie Taylor known as @gypsyleaux on Twitter, said to Scott “it’s time for new blood maybe, I think that you coming in and doing it your way is needed.”


Scott’s L.A. GOP volunteer liaison Heather Langley said, “we got to get better at this game in an honest, effective and ethical way and Scott is showing us how.”


According to a tweet by Scott to Republican National Committee chairwoman Rona Romney McDaniel, the chairwoman has yet to respond to his extended hand, “Today is day 69 of my asking the GOP chairwoman for a response.”


Scott is on his way back to his home in Virginia for a few days before he returns to his tour across America training, educatingand registering new voters with Pittsburgh P.A. being next.


Scott will also be speaking at the Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach F.L. 15-16 July, hosted by Turning Point USA, a 501(c)3 organization formed by Charlie Kirk, which is now working with Scott and has pledged $5 million to assistScott’s efforts with legal ballot chasing in Wisconsin.


Mark Naughton is a video journalist and a co-host on the popular Twitter Space 2Feds. Before turning to journalism, Mark was a police officer and U.S. Air Force veteran. He is now part-time in the Army National Guard, and he travels America covering high-profile court cases, protests and major criminal incidents. 


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