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“Or…We Might Just All Be Racists”

David Pollack, J.D., is an attorney, former political candidate, husband, and father from Seminole County, Florida.

I wanted to swing for the fences when I wrote my first blog post for The Buff Show. So I prepared a post comparing the governmental abuse in the Colonies by pre-revolutionary Great Britain to today’s punitive vaccine mandates and the resulting backlash from both events. I even tied in our Constitution, the threat it poses to the radical left, and the scheme to destroy it through Critical Race Theory, which ties nicely with the left’s excuses on why Republicans won in Virginia. Yeah I know, it’s a lot. But when I was putting the finishing touches on my post, I started thinking about last Tuesday’s election. A tiny, off-year election that resulted in a Republican winning the governor’s race in Virginia, a closer than expected race in New Jersey, and other state level Republican victories throughout the Country, all encouraging signs of a “red tsunami” in next year’s midterm elections.

I had to wonder for a moment if maybe, just maybe, we aren’t as divided as we are made to believe, after all…Democrats, Independents, NPAs and Republicans did just come together to elect a Republican governor in Virginia! That, or we could accept the mainstream media’s argument that Virginia is just full of racist soccer moms and dads, that just so happened to have elected a black female who immigrated from Jamaica to serve as lieutenant governor, a first in the state of Virginia. In fact, she’s the first black female to hold statewide office in Virginia.

Nevertheless, I’m compelled to wonder what is behind the growing support for Republicans across the country. Is it the absence of Trump—as some hoping to regain influence want us to believe, his continued influence, clearer conservative messaging, better candidates, or are Republicans learning how to win the game on the ground?

Perhaps it’s possible that the failures of the Biden Administration are somehow uniting a great many of us as we all collectively suffer? After all, we are all paying more for gas and groceries, we have all seen store shelves bare, and we all have friends and neighbors who are faced with an impossible choice between keeping their jobs or getting “the jab”, and that’s not all. We have all seen the horrific images of our friends in Afghanistan falling from fleeing aircraft as terrorists raised American weapons in celebration of a quicker than expected conquest of the capital. We are all frustrated by the moving goalposts on when we can be free from COVID-19 restrictions, and we are all tired of the excuses for the labor and supply chain shortages that continue to crush small businesses that are already hurting.

These and the other damaging consequences of the Biden Administration seem to reach far beyond party lines. As the masks come off, perhaps we are remembering that we are not that different underneath. We might not always agree, but I believe we’re seeing that the decent people of this Country will always choose liberty over tyranny, education over indoctrination, and individual freedom over government mandates.

And you know what…after seeing the outcomes of last Tuesday’s elections, I’m thinking that Mr. Biden might actually end up unifying our people as promised, but not in the way he had hoped. It’s either that…or, we might just all be racists…every last one of us, regardless of color, that is, unless we put our support behind Democrat party interests.

*Originally posted on Not Just Pollack-tics Blog on The Buff Show:


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