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Kyle Rittenhouse and Kenosha, Collateral Damage In the Left’s War For Radical Change.

The sun rose on Kenosha County, Wisconsin, on the morning of August 26, 2020, to find the once peaceful suburb of Chicago in tatters. The scent of smoldering embers from hollowed out buildings, mixing with the stench of mounds of burned tires. Just hours earlier, the sounds of police sirens, honking cars, and distant shouts blended like an unrehearsed symphony timed to a percussion of pyrotechnics and the thumps of gas cannons. Flames roared among screams of enthusiasm as cracks of gunfire cut through the chaos of what liberal media elites mendaciously called a “mostly peaceful” protest. In the aftermath two men were dead, one was wounded, and a traumatized Seventeen year old was in handcuffs. By daybreak, a craven media mob, with propaganda and stereotypes in toe, tried him in their Court of Public Opinion and demanded a swift conviction.

Fortunately, our American system of justice still affords the accused the presumption of innocence unless and until proven guilty. Imperfect though it may be, it remains rooted in law and facts, and protected by the Constitution alongside the right to a speedy trial, the right to be represented by a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury, the right to confront your accusers, and the the right to learn the nature of the charges and evidence against you. The holier-than-thou corporate media dispensed with all of these in their quest. Yet on Friday, November 19, 2021, a jury motivated by facts presented at trial, unanimously acquitted Mr. Rittenhouse on all charges.

On the heels of the verdict, the media continued to prosecute its own case. One where guilt was presumed and facts were manufactured in order to fit a carefully crafted narrative. A narrative created to divide a nation. In their case in chief, Kyle Rittenhouse was a young Donald Trump supporting white supremacist vigilante, who traveled across state lines with an illegal “semi-automatic military style rifle” and the intent to kill peacefully assembled Black Lives Matter protesters. The prima facie evidence: biased commentators, false reporting, and carefully selected images. Then presidential candidate Joe Biden even posted a video to his Twitter account after the incident, accusing then-President Donald Trump of failing to “disavow white supremacists,” with an image of Kyle Rittenhouse in the streets of Kenosha. This was all the proof needed to convict in the liberal media’s system of justice. Guilty before the first juror was even sworn. It’s a case they’ve tried before, like a bad movie sequel, each iteration is largely the same: Identify a target, find a way to insert white supremacy and race, manipulate the story to create anger and division, incite a riot, and use the riot to further narrative. A narrative incubated in the halls of our universities and in the smoke filled back rooms of the Democrati political establishments, seemingly based on socialist philosophies, whether they are even aware of it or not. At the end of the second World War, there was widespread fear of a potential rise of communism, anarchism, and other socialist ideologies. Eventually the fear of a communist take over subsided with the unpopularity of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarty, and several U.S. Supreme Court cases limited Congress’ ability to circumvent the First Amendment.

As proven in the 1995, the American government declassified documents detailing substantial validation of intelligence gathering, outright spying, and policy influencing, by Americans on behalf of the Soviet Union, from 1940 through 1980. Over 300 American communists, whether they knew it or not, were found to have engaged in espionage. And where did the constitutionally protected ideology of communism hide and flourish over the last seventy years? Attend a university or turn on the news and you’ll you see the same strategies for fundamental change employed by the radical left socialists of 1960s and 70’s. Here’s an excerpt taken from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a book on confrontational tactics for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be: “the organizer, especially a paid organizer from outside, must first overcome suspicion and establish credibility. Next the organizer must begin the task of agitating: rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities, and searching out controversy. This is necessary to get people to participate.” Alinsky, was known for masterfully using shared social problems as external antagonists to "heighten local awareness of similarities among residents and their shared differences with outsiders.” To bring a collective together, he would bring to light an issue that would stir up conflict with some agency to unite the group. This provided an organization with a specific "villain" to confront and made direct action easier to implement. Sound familiar? Whether it’s President Donald J. Trump, “Trump supporters,” law enforcement, white supremacists, systemic racism, border patrol agents with bull whips, “anti-maskers,” “anti-vaxxers,” so-called January 6th insurrectionists, or parents at school board meetings, the media and far-left pundits have repeatedly sought to vilify groups in order to stoke division in our communities in an effort to promote social change to fit their radical agenda. Rule 13 of Rules for Radicals directs: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” Thanks in part to the age of instant information, 24-hour news network, the Internet, and carefully curated social media content, Alinsky-esq tactics are becoming more effective than ever before. From Ferguson to Kenosha, we continue to see irresponsible reporting and outright lies intended to ensure division to motivate partisans to rush to the polls and elect Democrats. The implications of media dishonesty reaches much further than the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Take the George Floyd case for example. In that case, Mr. Floyd was recklessly killed by a police officer who applied an unconscionable amount of force to his neck during detainment, according to the jury’s verdict. Despite the left’s recent claims of a systemically racist justice system favoring white supremacists, Derek Chauvin sits in jail today for his crimes. While there was no evidence of racial bias in the death of Mr. Floyd, the incident did reopen old wounds of inequality in policing inspiring protests and calls for justice to be served. As Mr. Floyd’s family begged for peace, organized groups of largely white antagonists descended on Minneapolis under the cover of darkness. They instigated riots, attacked police officers, encouraged looting, and burned largely immigrant and minority owned businesses to the ground. All while the media provided cover as they advanced their own radical agenda under the auspices of racial justice.

We saw this same scene play out across the country in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, with communities of color erupting in violence with videos posted on twitter from protesters concerned about suspiciously placed pallets of bricks—the violence repeatedly turned deadly as the media turned its cameras the other way. They collectively blamed any violence on instigation from police or white supremacists. It was reported that at least nine Americans died during Black Lives Matters protests, many black. Do their lives not matter in the lefts pursuit of their radical social change?

You might recall the death of David Dorn, a 77-year old retired police captain who was fatally shot after interrupting the burglary of a pawn shop in St. Louis, Missouri on the same night as protests over the murder of George Floyd. The media ignored it. Similarly, in Oakland, California, a Federal Protective Service officer was fatally shot outside a U.S. courthouse in another related George Floyd protest. The media also ignored this one too. The fact that the two officers were black was also largely omitted from reporting. Separately, there were two other fatal shootings of young black men in Seattle’s lawless “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”.

For Kyle Rittenhouse, his case in the media was also never really about guilt or innocence. It was always about the narrative. A narrative that continues to be portrayed in the face of legally proven evidence. For those killed or wounded in protests, the businesses and communities destroyed, they are all just collateral damage in the left’s increasingly aggressive war for radical change.

*Originally posted on Not Just Pollack-tics Blog on The Buff Show:


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